Can Africa Grow its Research Output?

Africa has the possibility to grow its research output and this has already occurred in some regions of the continent already, however there is much more to do. What does Africa need Africa is in need of more visionary people to help it realise its potential, it needs people that are willing to invest time,

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3 key contractor traits

There can be no doubt that having an arsenal of specific skills at your disposal is a very important part of being a contractor. With so many gaps opening up in the UK economy, specialist workers are constantly being called upon by employers to fill in and get the job done when no one else

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Forex: An Intro to Currency Trading

The foreign exchange market, also known as forex or FX, is one very fast paced market around. Forex trading used to only be available to the wealthy individuals out there along side with huge corporations and financial institutions. But with our good old friend the internet, many more people have access to exchanging currencies through

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online casino canada

Online casinos are becoming popular in Canada and there are now several great sites that are both well designed and trust worthy. These sites offer a selection of different games and are usually powered by the most popular coding software for Online casino design. If a site is powered by either Cryptologic, Microgaming of Playtech,

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Scientific and Business Growth in Africa

Over the past years, Africa has grown into a real contender in the scientific and business worlds. With such a large population and many economic issues of its own to deal with, Africa would love to be fully scientific independent. And with the rise of many prominent African businessmen and philanthropists, this soon may become

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Injured whilst traveling for business?

When you travel for business one of the last things on your mind is whether or not you will get injured. The thoughts that are usually running through your mind are related to closing that all important business deal, saying good bye to your family and making sure that you make your flight! The scary

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A guide to getting riled up for competitive action

Up and down the country every week there are different sports teams competing against one another, be it in football, cricket, darts or even bowls. People cross that line and go up against many other likeminded competitors and these contests can sometimes get a little heated when the pressure is ramped up. However, with virtually

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Contractor and full-time employee: What are the differences?

Many professionals consider the idea of becoming an independent contractor. The perks of being your own boss while potentially earning more speak for themselves. But what are the real differences between freelancing and full-time employment? Anyone who may be considering becoming a contractor should consider these factors before making the decision. More responsibility As an

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How to find the business for you

Making sure you’re happy with your job is arguably one of the most important things you can do in life. After all, you spend so much of it actually at work that it makes sense that you at least owe it to yourself to be happy while you’re doing it. While it used to be

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Must-Have Features in a Home Office

Are you thinking about starting your own business, freelancing, or working part-time hours from home? You’re not alone, as an increasing number of workers are telecommuting at least part of the week. Yet working from home can be a real psychological challenge if you don’t have the tools you need to succeed. Rather than simply

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