Fly Around The World This Year

Flying around the world is one of those things that very many people aspire to do someday. You will often hear somebody say that the first thing they would do if they won the lottery is to fly around the world. Why is this?


A flight around the world is something that is on nearly everybody’s bucket list. And it was always considered something that was unattainable, either because of travel or financial restrictions.

However, in this current age, it has never been as possible to make this once in a life time event in to a reality.

There is so much for you to take in – in so many different countries, with their different climates, cultures and traditions. So much to see, from Hollywood to Ayre’s Rock. It makes sense to do some online investigation into what is possible, prior to booking anything.

A good place to start is by putting a term like Round the world flights into your favourite search engine. This will open up a new dimension to you, in terms of what you may have thought was possible for round the world flights.

For example, there are several different types of round the world flights. Maybe you’d be in the market for a Northern Hemisphere style flight? Maybe you would prefer to opt for the Southern Hemisphere or maybe even something trans continental?

If you were in search of something a little bit more exploratory, maybe the Real Traveller package is something you would consider – on this package, you travel from London to New York, before moving onto Los Angeles, and from there you will hit Fiji. After a bit, you head for Australia, taking in Brisbane and Sydney, before stopping of in Shanghai, before returning to London. Now that is truly around the world! On this package, you would also get to experience the Siberian Express, which may be another thing ticked off that bucket list!

Booking your round the world trip can now be done easily online, and in a matter of minutes. The packages that are out there now will have looked after all the hard work of arranging all the flights etc, so there will be no need for you to book individual flights, and then stressing about how they will link up together.

And what is surprising is, all of this can be done, really very affordably. So, why wait? – Now is the time to have that trip of your dreams!