Street fundraisers

How can charities raise awareness for their cause while in public?

Charities rely on the generosity of members of the public to fund their work, so it’s vital that they do their utmost to boost awareness of their efforts. There are many ways and means that this can be done, but today we’re going to concentrate on outdoor marketing and attracting the attention of people commuting to work or out shopping.

Street fundraisers
Street fundraisers

With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can create interest in your charity:

Street fundraisers

Having a team of street fundraisers (often referred to as ‘chuggers’) seeking out donations in a town or city centre is definitely a good way to boost supporter numbers and raise awareness of your work among members of the public.

If this is something you’re looking to do, however, you need to make sure that you follow the guidelines set out by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association. The institution requires such workers to avoid standing less than 3 m from shop doorways, cash machines and station entrances, while they must also have ID to prove who they work for. Providing staff with colourful promotional work apparel such as jackets and vests is a good way to instil confidence among members of the public and could give them the incentive to make a donation.

Sell/give away branded items

It’s also worth looking at the role distributing promotional items can play in boosting awareness of your charity and/or your latest fundraising campaign. Whether given away for free or offered in return for a donation or purchase, promotional products enable your target audience to physically interact with your brand.

There are many goods that can be tailored to feature your charity’s logo, call to action and other marketing information, but it is generally best to select items that offer some kind of use to the recipient.

USB sticks and pens are two products that definitely meet such criteria. In fact, a study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association shows that 45 per cent of people would like to receive the former the most, while 39 per cent would like the latter. Whichever you choose, make sure your logo and website URL is clearly printed on the products so recipients know exactly how to get in touch with you.

The UK’s famously unpredictable weather, meanwhile, makes promotional¬†umbrellas¬†another great product for charities to give away. Hand these out for free or make them available for purchase at train and bus stations and you’re sure to find interest in your organisation increases among commuters, especially when there’s an unexpected downpour!

Umbrellas are a particularly good promotional tool not only because they enable the recipient to interact with your brand but, when they are opened, will also showcase your organisation’s logo to everybody they pass in the street.