City Break Packing Tips: How to Pack Light for a Stylish City Break


As baggage fees go up and airlines sneak in more hidden fees for excess or overweight baggage, it’s important to pack light for a city break holiday. Dragging along everything but the kitchen sink can put you over budget — fast!

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Don’t worry; you don’t have to walk around in the same grungy outfit all weekend! By planning your outfits carefully and using travel-sized bottles for your favourite beauty products, you can pack light and stay stylish on your city break weekend away.

Carefully Choose Your Shoes

Shoes take up a lot of room in your luggage, which is why it’s important to choose footwear with care. Some people bring only one pair of shoes on a city break — the ones they wear onto the plane. If you’re planning to go out at night and want to wear heels, then pack a pair — but make sure they go well with the outfits you’re bringing.

Whether or not you choose to bring heels, remember at least one pair of shoes you bring should be comfortable enough to walk in all day, every day, for the duration of the trip. Travelling fashionistas often swear by black leather boots — they’re comfortable enough to walk in, they go with everything and they can tough out inclement weather.

Choose Your Outfits Wisely

When packing for a stylish city break, bring dark-coloured clothing to hide stains. Not that you’re a slob, but even the best of us sometimes spill a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. A dark blue, burgundy or black garment will hide those stains so you can keep using the piece — after a quick wash, of course!

Dresses are ideal for city breaks because that means you only need one garment for a whole outfit. Depending on your trip’s length, three or four dresses could be all you need. If you’d prefer jeans, one pair should suffice. Bring a top for each day and a few dressier tops for going out at night. You can also bring a skirt to pair with a dressy top for going out.

Choose outfits you feel comfortable in; nothing’s worse than wandering around a strange city in uncomfortable clothes. And choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics so you don’t have to spend your entire break ironing.

When planning your wardrobe, be conscious of the weather in your destination. If you’re sure it’s going to be warm, you’re in luck! Warm-weather clothes are thin, light and take up little space in a bag. If it’s going to be cold, bring a couple of woolly jumpers and a single jacket that you’ll wear onto the plane. If it’s going to be chilly, pack cardigans.

Save space in your luggage by wearing as many garments as possible onto the plane, including heavier garments like jeans and jackets. If you have jumpers, scarves, hats or gloves, wear them onto the plane if it’s not too sweltering.

Packing Your Toiletries and Accessories

You could buy travel-sized versions of your favourite soaps, lotions, shampoos and such, but you’ll save money by picking up empty travel-sized bottles and filling them yourself from your supply. This way, you can bring enough of your favourite toiletries to keep yourself in top form.

Take it easy on the cosmetics; instead of packing the whole makeup bag, bring your mascara, lip gloss, face powder and a few favourites to spruce yourself up before going out at night. Bring four or five pieces of jewellery to accessorise; wear them onto the plane to save weight in your luggage. Don’t forget to bring sunnies and sun lotion if you’re going to a tropical clime.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Many budget airlines allow one piece of hand luggage — and a woman’s handbag counts. Slip your travel essentials — passport and other travel documents, wallet, keys, phone, hand lotion, paracetamol and lip balm — into an outside pocket on your hand luggage to keep them handy.

Packing light for your city break holiday ensures you won’t incur overweight or excess baggage fees that make your trip more costly than necessary. But packing light doesn’t mean you have to leave your good taste at home. Follow these tips to stay fashionable no matter where your travels take you!


About the Author: Contributing blogger Agnes Stopps prides herself on her ability to remain stylish and poised even as she trots the globe. She urges fashionable travellers to book Expedia city breaks to Paris, Europe’s fashion capital. For those seeking a getaway closer to home, Agnes recommends Expedia city breaks to Edinburgh.