What Type Of Pick-Up Is Best For My Business?

When it comes to running your own business, you want everything to be just right. After all, you’re the one in charge and responsible for all the decisions, so if you end up with the wrong equipment, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

With that in mind, choosing a vehicle for your business is a major decision. Once you’ve assessed your needs and found out that a pick-up is the best option, there are still some further factors to consider.

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If you’re looking to buy a pick-up for your business, follow this brief buying guide for help on what type you should go for.



Some pick-up trucks only come with front seats, especially the smaller, compact ones. If you’re using your new vehicle for business and personal use, you might need additional seating.

Some pick-ups do have extra rear seats but these tend to be smaller so they’ll only really be ideal for children on short journeys. If you’ll be carrying more than two adults, make sure you opt for a truck with adequate seating.


Cargo space

Obviously, one of the main things to consider with a pick-up truck is the size of the cargo bed, because if you’re carrying large goods, you’ll need to ensure you have adequate room.

Check the payload capacity of the pick-up too, as there will be a maximum weight that it can carry. Make sure you don’t exceed this limit as you could end up facing a large fine if you do.


Fuel economy

Before buying a commercial vehicle, get an idea of your weekly mileage. If you’re covering hundreds of miles every week, it’s important that you get the most fuel-efficient model, so that it’s suitable for your needs.

The rising cost of fuel makes finding the most economical pick-up more important than ever before. After all, business is driven by money and you can’t afford to be wasting potential profit unnecessarily.



The features on pick-up trucks will vary between models, but there is a basic level of equipment you can expect to come as standard.

Some manufacturers elevate this basic quality level and commercial vehicles from Great Wall come with a high specification level as standard. This includes things like heated seats, air conditioning, leather interiors and Bluetooth connectivity. While these features aren’t essentials, they certainly make everything much more comfortable.


Remember that the pick-up you end up buying should be chosen to suit the needs of your business. Make sure you’re happy driving it and that it has everything you need to carry out your duties before parting with any cash.



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