3 Amazing Places You Should Try Living Abroad


Montenegro is a spectacular country along the coasts of Adriatic Sea with impressive geographical diversity. From its splendid Balkan Coast, to crystal clear lakes, fast flowing rivers and majestic mountains. It is a paradise of natural beauty.

It is a young country that gained independence in 2006 after being part of several federations, however during its brief existence it has undergone rapid developments. This significant growth is attracting people to live and work there, a number of people are setting up businesses of touristic nature to exploit its promising potential. Buying property in Montenegro is also affordable and you can find some fantastic places for a real bargain to live in or as an investment.

Living in Montenegro would require you to learn a little Serbian or Montegrin to break communication barriers as only the younger generation speaks English, French and German. This will help you to interact and experience the rich culture of the local culture.

If you are planning to also move your children to Montenegro, there are only two international schools, consider educating them elsewhere. Health facilities may not be what you are accustomed to but with the rapid growth taking place they are improving by the day. You may opt to teach English here to earn a living and also get an opportunity to make up your mind before making the great move.


Living abroad takes a lot of courage and patience because it takes a lot of time studying the country and weighing the pros and cons of the country, learning the basics of the common language and making savings to finance this life changing move. Moving to Morocco is no exception to the above points.

Morocco is a beautiful country, rich in culture and has diversecultures which is why it is such a popular holiday destination. The Moroccans are friendly people and they love to greet a lot and extend the greetings to their loved ones; so if you are considering living among them you have to get used to greetings too.

The cost of living in Morocco is high especially when shopping in the supermarkets.However the souks in the old medinas offer a cheaper alternative, and however the haggling of the prices is quite a task because of language barrier. You will need to learn a bit of Arabic to overcome language barriers, English is only a third language and even at the airports it’s the last on the sign boards.


China represents some of the oldest civilizations on the planet and one of the most powerful industries today. People move to China for the economic activities, as well as experience the rich culture and view its diverse and unique culture.

China is a one party state and commonly criticized by the Western Media and humanitarian organizations due to inadequate freedom of expressions, and other rants; however this is one side of China you may never experience.

If you move to China and overcome the language barrier and the first settling problems the results are rewarding. The Chinese are always friendly and easy to interact with. If you have certain hard skills in the fields of engineering, med-tech, environment, production as well as management you may land a job in the ‘Middle Kingdom’ which is rewarding. If you are a native English speaker you will always be able toteach English in Chinain the local schools or universities.