3 Steps to making your business more well known

pr loveBusinesses small or large have much to gain from PR, it is not the same as advertising but helps get you well known without the associated costs. To use PR successfully you must have a strategy in place, that will help direct your focus, create impact of what you are doing as well as assisting build your company profile.

Public Relations is the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by an organisation or individual. It is a powerful tool, that separates your business from the rest of the pack, showcasing your products and services and demonstrates your expertise.

Your consumer PR Agency or internal Public Relations would include your social media, speaking at conferences, winning industry awards, press releases, newsletters, blogs and employee communication.

With all things having a strategy in place, will direct your focus, create impact of what you are doing and helps build your company/individual profile. This is especially useful even if you already have an online leadership degree.

Getting the media to talk about your organisation is the priority, PR once harnessed will create huge commercial opportunities. These 3 simple steps to make your business more well known.

STEP 1: Familiarity is key

To use PR successfully, having established contacts in the press, radio, TV etc is not a must. However, it is essential to understand what journalists/content producers for these media need and their deadlines. Journalists regardless of what medium in which they work with, are always interested in a good story, that is relevant to their audience. It is important to familiarise yourself with media that matters; the media in which your customers and prospects read, listen to or look at online. Think about where you can fit in. Offer a such a story at a time when it is of use to the journalist and there is a fair chance that it will be used. STEP 2: Add Value

Whatever your business, you want to be creating value for your customers and consumers. Prepare stories on the launch of a new product, company development, award win, interesting case study etc in the form of news/press release. What is it that your clients and consumers care about or will find interesting? What’s topical? What is relevant? For journalists they always have their readership in mind.

STEP 3: Join the dots

When you do secure media exposure – facebook it, blog it, tweet it, link to it, use your social media activity so that all your audiences are exposed to your company’s recognition and success.

In a world of spam the last thing a journalist wants is another generic piece of news, they want good, interesting, attention grabbing stories, give it to them!