Chasing Adventures in Lapland

Chasing Elves, Huskies, and Reindeer

For a true experience of Lapland, get aboard a husky or reindeer driven sleigh. Opt for a long journey across the snow or through forest, stopping for lunch in a scenic location on the journey. For shorter trips, travel from Santa Clause Village to Santapark, both in Rovaniemi. No Lapland trips are  complete without a trip to the homestead of its most famous resident-Santa Clause. Chase elves through the authentically designed village to catch a glimpse, or you may be lucky enough to get a photo with him. Spend your days baking Christmas cookies with Mrs Clause, making toys with elves or ice skating in the wonderful natural location.

An Eskimo Adventure 

Lainio Snow Village is a 200km trek into the heart of the Arctic Circle. A village has been carved out of a snowy landscape entirely from the only resource in the area-snow! After a long sleigh ride to get there, rest up in the ice hotel or chill with a drink in the stylish bar. From here view the Northern Lights on a cloudless moonless night. Feel chills go down your spine in this icy wilderness as eerie green and purple lights illuminate the snowfields in an awe of colour. This coming year promises an aurora of spectacular proportions due to magnetic solar storms that influence the atmosphere creating the lights.


Act like a local

The Finnish culture is colourful; there are some crazy traditions to take part in during your Lapland trips. Have a look at these and decide if you are brave enough to try them!

Ice Bathing at Bugoynes

Join thousands of Scandinavian bathers during the winter months, for a quick dip in the Arctic Ocean. The water remains at around 6 degrees Celsius, but the air temperature is more than a few degrees below zero! Expect the crushing sound of waves to drown out amongst the screams of swimmers. Don’t worry about purchasing expensive wetsuits and gear, it’s all about bikinis and shorts…if even that! Pop into a sauna straight to get the blood flowing again.

Saunas at Yllas

Saunas are ingrained in the Finnish culture. They are a pillar of socializing and can often be found as a place for anything from business meetings to birthday parties. Saunas remain a part of everyday life and have remained largely unchanged in modern times. Certainly, even if the technology has improved, etiquette remains the same. It is common in Finland to relax au natural in saunas, regardless of who is in your company. And when it gets too hot, the locals like to head outside and have a roll around in the snow to cool down. Like ice bathing in reverse, do not miss a trip to a sauna while in Finland, and for the ultimate in Lapland, enjoy the 2 hour sauna package at exclusive Yllas. From inside a special gondola, witness the wonders of snow-capped mountains and the northern lights.

For a relaxing end to your Lapland trips, curl up in furs by a fire sipping mulled wine or hot chocolate, and don’t forget to hang up a stocking!