Preventing cyber attack

Computer and internet technology has changed our lives in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. For example, it is hard to imagine not having the convenient facility of electronic mail for communicating and transmitting information. Likewise, it is difficult to picture the years before both personal and professional data of all types could be stored on computers.

Advances in computer technology have made our lives easier in many ways – but at a price.

With increased storage and transmission of electronic data has come increased threat to security. This is of special concern to commercial and governmental organisations where high volumes of data can be targeted by unauthorised third parties.

Expert application

In response to the rising threat to data security, an entire industry of professionals in digital forensics has emerged. Digital forensics deal with methods of ensuring the safety of electronic information stored in digital equipment and devices. It can be applied in many ways including use in criminal or civil court. The field also encompasses the private sector through internal corporate investigations.

Special consultants exist to enhance security where digital data is stored. Aimed at all sizes of business and non-commercial bodies which have sensitive data in their possession, services are wide ranging.

These include cyber-incident response which, put simply, means finding out what happened and how, investigation which includes advice on how to continue after a cyber-attack and bug sweeping. Also referred to as technical surveillance countermeasures, the latter is a physical and digital eavesdropping service aimed at fine tuning security.

Litigation support is also offered by digital security experts for internal investigations.

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Be prepared

Experts like NCC Group also offer va scanning services which can go some way to preventing a cyber-attack in the first place. This is done with a vulnerability scanner through assessment of the strength of security in place in a computer network and therefore the safety of data stored within.

A vulnerability scanner is a computer programme which assesses computers, systems and networks to detect any potential security weakness which could leave stored date vulnerable to cyber-attack.


Keep safe

With existing potential threats to computer network and digital data security on the rise, any organisation which takes security seriously will likely consider calling in the pros.