Talking About Tenerife

While Tenerife is an ever popular holiday destination attracting families and fun time revellers year after year, it has developed a reputation of being nothing but the package deal with standardised activities.

However, beyond the beach bars and kid’s clubs there’s a lot more on offer in Tenerife.

Owing to its popularity, there are always great deals available for cheap flights to Tenerife throughout the year and it’s well worth taking advantage of that. Additionally, with the sun shining all year round you can make the most of the perennial warm weather and get away for winter breaks at bargain prices and avoid the crowds of summer.

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Not convinced yet? Here’s a look at why Tenerife is terrific for any traveller.

Scuba diving

All around the island you will find amazing locations where you can experience scuba diving and snorkelling and there’s an abundance of organisations that can assist in getting you out there. The sea life is charming and at some dive centres you can often encounter such wonderful creatures as seahorses, turtles and even an occasional octopus. With reefs to wrecks there’s something for every ability, from first timers to fully certified and experienced divers.


Depending on your disposition, the weird and wonderful world of ARTlandya Doll Museum can be either sweet and cheerful or creepy and chilling. A village filled with dolls, this museum showcases a collection of toys that is sure to provide an interesting experience.

If that’s not really your thing don’t be put off, there are all kinds of museums to visit from the honey museum to the Museum of Science and Cosmos, there’s something to suit everyone’s interests.

Mount Teide

This is the highest point in Spain and offers tourists the rare opportunity to hike a volcano and not just any volcano, this is the third highest volcano in the world. Located in the beautiful scenery of the Las Cañadas National Park there’s plenty to see and explore here and guided treks come highly recommended to gain the most from your visit.

Whale and dolphin watching

With chartered boats leaving regularly from Los Gigantes and Puerto Colon there’s a range of different companies you will find offering excursions. Do your research and find a trip that will suit you most. While dolphins and pilot whales are regulars around these waters there’s also the possibility of seeing some bigger mammals.