3 Must Visit Destinations Off the Beaten Track




Also known as the land of Black Mountains, Montenegro has a lot to offer from lengthy sandy beaches, great walking trails and spectacular scenic beauty. Though its neighboring country Croatia has been beaming as a popular destination, Montenegro largely remains untouched and it is here that you expect to enjoy exclusively off the beaten track.

The untouched landscapes of Montenegro offer opportunities for hiking and touring the unspoilt parts of the country. The dramatic region of Zalzaz is ideal for hiking and exploring the scenic beauty that it has to offer, and this is a must on holidays to Montenegro.

Relax and enjoy sailing on the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea. The amazing coastline dotted with historical towns and lovely beaches not forgetting the great food and the great wine to fill your taste buds with grand satisfaction.

If you want to enjoy inland beauty you can try rafting on the Tara River which flows gently through the Tara River Gorge; the second longest canyon after Grand Canyon.  You may also have some fun exploring the Devils Whirlpools underground and have the time of your life.


Srinagar is lies beautifully on the banks of River Jhelum, surrounded by sparkling lakes and a glorious backdrop of the snow capped Himalayas Mountains. The lush green coffee plantations, gentle misty hills, amazing history and suitable all year weather make Srinagar a dream destination for tourists.

The Dal Lake is the largest in the region and is popular for its colorful shakaras or rather house boats which are elegantly furnished and fitted with beautiful handmade carpets and fabrics fit for kings. A visit to this lakeside city is especially memorable if you stay in one of the numerous house boats and cruise along the waters of this spectacular lake, though there are also lots of more orthodox hotels in Srinigar to choose from.

Another well kept secret is the natural beauty of the sprawling Mughal gardens which are well manicured with imposing fountains; watching the sunset from a vantage point on this garden across the Dal Lake is simply jaw dropping and exhilarating.

There are more than enough activities to indulge in this paradise such as trekking, kayaking, skiing, paragliding and white water rafting.


The Amazon River is the largest river in the world, holding immense volumes of water and originating from Peru. The best way to experience the mysteries of the mighty Amazon is to cruise down its wild waters. You can explore the Amazon in numerous countries including Brazil and Bolivia, but it is fantastic to start an Amazon tour in Peru, which usually takes the form of a cruise down this imperious river. Your luxurious cruise starts at the remote town of Iquitos in Peru; this charming city is so remote that it is only accessible by air or water only.

Piccaya Samiria Reserve hidden deep in the Amazon jungle is well preserved and rich in wildlife and aquatic life. During winter when the river is full, you may explore the meandering small inlets and during summer the river sands forms fine beaches. Along this region you will get to see and interact with the natives and learn about their intriguing culture.

The river is home to the endangered pink Amazon dolphins, three toed sloths, sleeks and black jaguar. A trip to this amazing place is truly rewarding.