5 Steps To Starting Your Own Business

1. Clarify Why You Want to Start Your Own Business

Before you jump right in and invest the startup costs in your business, it’s important to have not only a business plan but a good, clear reason why you want to do this. Maybe you crave the lifestyle change, you want more freedom, or you have a cause or product you are passionate about and want to share with the world. Take a moment to focus on your reasons and they will help drive your success. If you’re not sure you have the funds to do it, look into commercial finance options that can help.


2. Determine Your Business Type and Business Plan

Okay, now comes the more technical stuff. Classify your business type so you can really focus on your position in the market. Who are your competitors? What are other people selling that might be similar? What can you provide that’s not already out there? Create an effective business plan that cannot fail. This should include what you are offering, who you target and what you’re going to do to make it all happen.

3. Identify Your Target Customer

This step is key!! Your business will fail if you do not absolutely target your customer. Learn everything about them that you can. Are you targeting middle-aged women, or young hipsters? Moms with babies, health enthusiasts, or movie lovers? Whoever your target customer or audience may be, learn to love them because they’re going to make or break you.

4. Go Get ‘Em

Okay, so you’re all ready to go, now it’s time to go out and get those customers! Develop a smart marketing plan to begin attracting those valuable customers. Find creative ways to advertise yourself that don’t cost much money. Make calls, develop a social media presence, and really pitch your idea to the public in a genuine way.

5. Perfect Your Pricing

It might take a while to find the perfect balance of charging enough while still attracting and keeping customers, and this is all part of starting a business! Offer deals in the beginning, or even give things away for free. Some businesses prefer invoice finance so this could be a good way to manage your funds. Count on customers to spread the word about your great value and they’ll bring in more people. Remember that your number 1 goal is profits!