Must-Have Features in a Home Office

Are you thinking about starting your own business, freelancing, or working part-time hours from home? You’re not alone, as an increasing number of workers are telecommuting at least part of the week. Yet working from home can be a real psychological challenge if you don’t have the tools you need to succeed. Rather than simply working from the dining room table, it’s worth thinking about creating your very own home office. Whether this is located in the corner of your guest bedroom, a walk-in closet, or the attic of your house, there are a few features that can boost productivity. 

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Ergonomic Furniture

Even if you’re only working part-time from home, you’ll be clocking in a fair number of hours per week in your office. It’s worth taking the time to choose a comfortable chair that you don’t mind spending time in. Position your chair to the desk at the right height so that your arms are placed at a comfortable and safe angle for typing, drawing, or writing. Splurge on an extra back pillow or a foot rest if needed.

The Right Technology

The type of office technology you need will depend on your business. Almost everyone who works from home will need to have computer access, however, so that should be one of the first orders of business as you set up your office. Whether it’s a laptop or a large desktop computer, be sure that you have a desk to accommodate it, a speedy internet connection, and the software you need to conduct your business.

Sturdy Shelves

You’ll need to have easy access to files, supplies, and reference materials in your office. A filing cabinet can be useful for papers, but for other items you’ll also need a shelving unit. If you’re converting a guest room into an office, you can place this in the closet to conserve space, or you can install shelves directly into the wall near your desk.

Adequate Lighting

One of the major complaints that many employees have about working in an office building is the lack of natural light. If you’re shopping around for a home on sights like Homesales, lighting is probably one of the most important features you look for. Keep this in mind as you’re setting up your office. It’s best to put your desk near a source of natural light, and add a few desk lamps here and there for good measure.


Along with natural light, you can bring a bit of the outdoors into your office with a few houseplants on the windowsill or on top of your desk. Greenery can have a calming effect on people, may boost creativity, and requires little maintenance.

Ultimately, the right type of office space for you will depend on your working style, your business, and the space you have to spare. Yet even in the most bare bones setup, the features listed above can help create the type of atmosphere that’s conducive to getting the job done. You can then personalise this to best suit your needs.