How to find the business for you

Making sure you’re happy with your job is arguably one of the most important things you can do in life.

After all, you spend so much of it actually at work that it makes sense that you at least owe it to yourself to be happy while you’re doing it.

While it used to be money that talked, recent research by the Institute of Leadership and Management found that job enjoyment was the main motivator for the majority of the 1,000 workers it surveyed.

If you’re unhappy with your current post and are looking at moving to pastures new, it’s therefore important that you don’t make the same mistake again. If you do end up in another role that you’re not happy with, then chances are you’ll be doing the same thing all over again before too long.

What went wrong?

One of the first steps you should be taking when thinking about which company you’d like to work for next is deciding exactly why it is you want to leave your current post.

By doing this, you are automatically narrowing the parameters of the kind of job you are looking for – making the whole process much more defined and limiting the chances of falling into the same trap once again.

While sometimes this may be difficult to put your finger on, chances are that if you’ve already made the decision to leave, you probably know what’s gone wrong. Sometimes salary is the issue and you feel like you are worth more than what you’re getting. Another common problem might be that you don’t like the lack of input you have into your own work – you want to have more control of your own role and be more creative.

Dwindling career prospects, overzealous managers, increasing workloads – the list is endless.

Flexibility is often another issue for many employees. With more businesses taking advantage of things like cloud computing technology and teleconferencing services, sometimes it is hard to stomach if the company you work for is remaining rigid in its approach to working from home policies.

Do your research

Now that you’ve established what you want to avoid, the next thing to do is to research all you can about the kind of companies you think you’d like to work for.

There is generally quite a lot of information out there about what a certain firm may be like to work for via the internet and entering such a question into Google can be a good place to start.

Similarly, LinkedIn is a good resource to take advantage of and can often give you an answer either way as to whether you think the job you’re thinking of applying for is for you or not.

When you end up getting to the interview stage of the process, don’t be afraid to ask your interview any burning questions you may have left as well. Not only will this hopefully help you make your mind up, but it will also give your prospective employer a more in-depth insight into what issues are important to you.