A guide to getting riled up for competitive action

Up and down the country every week there are different sports teams competing against one another, be it in football, cricket, darts or even bowls. People cross that line and go up against many other likeminded competitors and these contests can sometimes get a little heated when the pressure is ramped up. However, with virtually nothing riding on the games, what makes people so heated at times?

There is no real easy answer to this question but some get so-called ‘white line fever’ during competitive sports. This doesn’t come quite as naturally to others and a fine line exists between competitive spirit and being aggressive.

Here are some suggestions on how to create some healthy competitive spirit in your sports team, improve your team’s performance and get more supporters:

Play alongside your friends

We all have competitive instincts or drive – it is more deep-seated in some – and many games will make the most of this to ramp up the level of fun, excitement and involvement. Playing alongside friends can help to quickly generate a sense of teamwork – as people tend to know their friends’ strengths and weaknesses. Friends are also likely to provide one another open and honest feedback – which is clearly important in a fast moving competitive sport.

Give yourselves a chance by practising

Of course it doesn’t matter how competitive you and your team mates are if you don’t at least take part in some regular practice and improve your skills. You can be as competitive as you like but if you’re no good then it doesn’t really matter. So try and get a strong allegiance together with your team mates by holding regular training sessions.

Get the local community behind you

If you set up a sports team in a community that doesn’t have too many of them, it should be easy to garner some interest from people that live there. However, you won’t get any interest if you don’t get out into the community to tell people what you are up to, so take the time to reach out to local businesses and enquire whether they would like to sponsor the team.

Companies are always looking for new ways to gain additional business and interest, which could play into your hands. Contacting the local press to gain exposure for your team is also a good way to get people behind your team. If you have some support then it is much easier to garner your competitive spirit.

Get kitted out in the same outfits

Whatever sport you play, you will want to generate a strong team spirit and there is no better way to do this than by all having sponsored kits. As outlined above, you could identify local businesses that would be willing to emblazon their brand on your kits.

Promotional items such as hoodies and fleeces will help to make people feel part of a real team and when you are crossing that line you will want to do so as part of a team rather than a group of individuals.