Injured whilst traveling for business?

When you travel for business one of the last things on your mind is whether or not you will get injured. The thoughts that are usually running through your mind are related to closing that all important business deal, saying good bye to your family and making sure that you make your flight! The scary fact is that a lot of people find themselves sat in accident and emergency when they are away on business.

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A frightening statistic is that accidents are responsible for over twenty percent of deaths among people that travel overseas. The number one cause is heart related, but accidents are the likely reasons for young people dying whilst overseas. Too many of us focus on minor issues such as disease or even terrorism, in reality it is an accident that will be your down fall.


Accidents occur from the following:

–        Violence

–        Injuries caused by accident

–        Road and traffic related accidents


Obviously you can try to avoid these accidents by taking the necessary precautions, but sometimes preventative measures do not work. So I believe that the thing that business travellers should be focusing on is how to cope with injuries and what they should do in the aftermath.


Here are 3 useful tips if you are injured whilst travelling for business:

Consult a professional

First things first, you should always seek the advice of a health professional. Even if you think that you have a minor injury you should always go and see a doctor, you never know how serious it could be. When you are overseas you will not have the support group of you family, friends or co-workers, so you must find support in the form of a health professional. Always make sure that you get official documentation to prove the injury or medical condition that you had.. It is always better to be safe than sorry, never take any chances with your health.


Inform your company

Once you are safe and well the next step is to call your office to inform them about the injury that you have suffered, they should always be kept in the loop about any incidents whilst you are travelling for business. There are two reasons for doing this; firstly it will cover your back if they make any complaint or begin a disciplinary process because you have been unable to carry out all of your work duties. Secondly, it means that they will be able to help with any insurance claim that you may make for hospital fees or other costs.


Call a lawyer 

Ok, so you don’t want to sue your company but what if they are at fault for your injury? If they are the ones to blame for any injury that you received then they are liable to pay the damages. A Denver lawyer came out recently saying that there are a huge number of business related injuries that go unclaimed, there is no reason why you should be one of those people. I firmly believe that if someone is at fault for an injury that could affect you in later life then they should be held accountable.