Scientific and Business Growth in Africa

Over the past years, Africa has grown into a real contender in the scientific and business worlds. With such a large population and many economic issues of its own to deal with, Africa would love to be fully scientific independent. And with the rise of many prominent African businessmen and philanthropists, this soon may become more than just a dream. Many are fighting for the independence of Africa’s scientific ventures as well as its role in the business and trade worlds. As Africa embraces science and technology as part of its economy, it will continue to grow and provide new possibilities for its people.

So what could scientific independence actually do for Africa? Well first, it could majorly improve the education system here. There are so many children whose families cannot afford to send them to school, and many villages which don’t even have a school for children to attend. Mobile technology has the ability to provide educational access to children who might not otherwise have it. Using science and technology, children can have the ability to learn without the necessity of a formal classroom or teachers.


Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho is one of the most successful businessmen from Angola, who is currently inspiring all of Africa to achieve scientific independence. He witnessed his country grow its economy exponentially, and plans to continue his vision for the rest of Africa. You can watch part of Sobrinho’s speech about his vision to get more of an idea for who he is. Under the inspiration of leaders such as him, young Africans are being encouraged to take the future of their continent under their responsibility. The fields of science, technology and business are emphasized in higher education, so Africa can train a new generation of scientists to continue this great work.

So why do Africans seek scientific independence? What can this actually do for Africa? Why is the science agenda so strong here? With scientific independence, Africa can sustain itself for years to come. The goal is to train future generations in the areas of science, business and technology so that the economy will be constantly growing from within.