Remembering My Experience In Antarctica


I think the first thing I ever remembered about my Antarctica experience was not actually planning to go at all. In fact the first memories of it were an Antarctica school project, I was really thrilled to learn about Antarctica, but never actually thought I would go there until I was on a cruise ship on the Drake Passage. This post will be a little bit about what made Antarctica so special for me, so read on and enjoy.


My favourite things

The trip was certainly filled with many highlights and once you go to Antarctica you will see why. Around every corner there is something that is better than the last thing you saw, this truly happens the whole trip. Imagine my fascination when I was in a kayak and a group of seals were lounging on the ice only 20 metres away. Kayaking was especially fun because you really get to sea level and you really start to imagine how big and immense the scenery actually is. This is especially the case when you are weaving in and out of icebergs with your kayak. You just can’t imagine how big an iceberg is until you see one in person.

The penguin colonies were also great and I was lucky enough to go to Antarctica in February, when all the newborn chicks come out for the first time. I was enamored by the miracle of life, particularly in one of the harshest climates on Earth.

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Other things I did

Of course not everything can make it to my favourites list, but everything was more or less on it. A few things I enjoyed while in Antarctica were:

Things I could have done better

Taken more nausea tablets because the Drake Passage can be a bit rough and I hadn’t really anticipated that I would need these. I may have also taken spare memory cards for my camera, because I took triple the pictures that I was expecting. This really is a testament to how beautiful the place is.

Some tips

I think the most important thing about taking a cruise to Antarctica is really understanding the pros and cons of your tour. This will really make or break how good your Antarctic adventure is going to be. I think this is so important because some of the larger cruise ships won’t actually allow you to leave the ship, unless you are making an organised stop. I would also recommend investing in good quality clothing, the climate during the summer is not as cold in terms of temperature, but it certainly did feel like it. This clothing will also be perfect for your next cold weather destination and is an investment that will really pay off.